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Portable multifunctional cutting machine CNC system


Hardware technology index

The industrial high performance 32 bit ARM CPU, stable and reliable;

Running memory 64M, processing large machining program

The 7 inch color TFT display, resolution 800*480,

Large physical buttons, feel good, long life

The output pulse frequency of not less than 500KHz. Single axis pulse maximum output frequency Rate of 2MHz;

Provide 13 photoelectric isolation input, 8 Road 4 road after the photoelectric isolation output. Electrical output;

Number of axis: 2 axis, 3 axis can be extended to;

Pulse equivalent: electronic gear. The molecular denominator set range (1--65535)

Storage space: 2G. 32G user program can be expanded, storage file number is Tens of thousands of;

With the SF-2012AH installation size all compatible

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