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SG Servo drive

AC servo technology since the early eighty's development so far, the technology matures, and constantly improve the performance, has been widely used in CNC machine tools, printing and packaging machinery, textile machinery, automation production line of SG series AC servo mainly adopts 32 bits to the new DSP as the core is far from unit, and using the complex programmable logic device and EPLD Mitsubishi intelligent power module, high integration, small volume, fast response speed, perfect protection, a series of high reliability.

Servo drive

The use of the environment: 0??55?

Humidity: less than 90% (without dew)

Vibration: less than 0.5g?4.9m/s?

Work: continuous operation

Technical parameters





Output power(kw)




Motor rated torque(N.m)




3-phase ac 220v -15%~+10% 50/60Hz

Control way

SG seriesPosition control Speed control

Control feature

Speed frequency response

?250 Hz

Rate volatility

+-0.03(load 0~100%), +-0.02(power-15% ~+10%){the value compared to rated value},

Speed ratio


Pulse frequency

?500k Hz

Control input

1.servoenable 2.alarm Clearance 3.ccw drive forbidden 4.cw Clearance 5. deviation count reset/Speed selection1/ 6.Command pulse ban/Speed selection2

Control output

1.servo ready to output 2.servo alarm output 3.Positioning to complete the output/ Speed reach to the output 4. Mechanical brake output

Position control

Input way:1.pulse+symbol 2.ccw pulse/cw pulse 3.2 phase orthogonal pulse

The electronic gear:1~32767/ 1~32767

Feeback pulse :2500 ppr

Monitoring functions

rotate speed,current position,Command pulse accumulation,position deviation,motor torque,motor current,Linear speed,The absolute rotor position,Command pulse frequency,Running state,Signal input/output terminals,etc.

Acceleration deceleration function

Parameters set 1~10000ms/1000r/min

Protection function

Overspeed,The main power over-voltage and under-voltage,over curre t,overload,Abnormal braking,The encoder abnormal,Abnormal control power supply,Position error,ect..

Size of installation

SG Servo drive

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